Ready Player One (Review)

Is 2044 and the economic crisis is worse because of the fuel extintion. Society is divided between the rich and the poor, there’s no middle class. In these awful days ther is a very advanced technology tat permits everyone acces to a better world called OASIS. Our main chatacter, Wade, is a poor orphan whose talent in the virtual world of OASIS gives him an opportunity for prosperity.

James Halliday is the creator of OASIS,and a big fan of pop culture of the 80’s. Before he dies, he prepare a contest for a property of his creation.When he dies the contest start, whoever finds the hidden egg in the virtual world, will get OASIS.

On the whole, those are “egg hunters” begin to be called “hunters”and Wade is the best hunter, but when he stats to show his talent, his life changes completely. On the one hand, he becaomes a hero for poor people and on the other hand he becomes an enemy for technological industry. Wade needs to find the egg otherwise OASIS will disappear a free virtual world. But with the contest not only is he in danger in the virtual world, but also in the real world.

Ready player one, published in 2011, and written by Ernest Cline, won the Prometheus Award un 2012 (an award given by The Liberatian Futurist Society) for the best science fiction novel. Besides that, Steven Spielberg will direct the film adaptacion that starts production this year.

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